Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Gonna Keep It

I've been on the fence. I did some research and found some nice custom bikes that inspired me.

Not sure which one I like better. I think this will be a fast bike so the cafe racer is appropriate however, I love this bobber.

Then there's this one.

I'd need Jason's wielding expertise to do that. His quote was around $250 plus I'd supply the tubing.
You can almost count the number of stock parts on this rigid. Forks, wheels, headers, engine and brakes.

Initial work

I promised myself I wouldn't do work on spider until at least Betty was finished, but..........
  • Drained the tank and put in some fresh gas and Sea Foam.
  • Cleaned the carbs out a little but I didn't take off the bowls ( didn't want to have to replace the gaskets) I think the floats are sticking because gas came out the overflow. Prior to my cleaning the carbs were sized. They're freed up now
  • Tried to start her. Good new: starters strong and engine not seized. Bad news: No spark.

A few interested parties on her. Best offer has been $300.00. Thought I had her sold today then the guy backed out. I'm on the fence about keeping her.

Sold the bags, tring to give away that Jammer.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Luggage For Sale

I had some interest in the luggage.

SOLD Luggage


To all who have come to look at my GS750, welcome.

Click on pictures to enlarge.

Questions or specific shots you want. Just ask. jimpoleshuk@yahoo.com

Here's the inside of the tank. I was surprised how clean it was.

Should I Sell Her?

I'm gonna post the Spider Trap on Craigs list and see what I can get for it.

Too many projects, or rather, too many bikes in the garage.

A Little Lighter

I'll tell you where to jam that Windjammer. Ugh, I hate those. The handle bars have got to go too.

I'll never use this luggage either

I do like the tail. I think that will look good with a chopped seat.

A New Addition

Picked up a 1980 Suzuki GS 750 this week. My buddy James and I bought a pair of bikes. The owner insisted he'd only sell them together. So I got this one. James got the nicer bike but this one's bigger ( and uglier)

Click to ENLARGE pics

See the spiders? They're inside the speedo.

James has got a CB750 he plans on making into a cafe racer. I think this will blow his doors off.

It's gonna be a while befor I get to working on this one. That's OK, I'm not sure James will ever finish that CB. But I guess you could say the same for my little 350.